Miss Alabama History

Miss Alabama History

Note:  This list shows all known titleholders who have represented Alabama in the Miss America Pageant. In 1936, 1946, and 1948, two winners were crowned in the Miss Alabama/Birmingham Pageant and both competed at Miss America. The titles of Miss Birmingham and Miss Alabama were both owned and administered by The Birmingham News and the primary title changed permanently to Miss Alabama after 1946. The title of Miss Montgomery was initially a stand-alone pageant whose winner competed at Miss America from 1937 - 1940; Miss Montgomery later competed as a local titleholder in the Miss Alabama Pageant. The title of Miss Mobile was also initially a stand-alone pageant whose winner competed at Miss America in 1926; Miss Mobile later competed as a local titleholder in the Miss Alabama Pageant. The current system in use, which allows only the winners of local pageants to compete in the Miss Alabama Pageant with no at-large contestants in the state pageant, has been in place since about 1971. Miss America was not held in 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, and 1934. 
Summary of Miss America Awards (through Miss America 2017):

Miss America: 3                                                               Quality of Life Award Winners: 8                                                    
1st Runner-up: 3                                                             Quality of Life 1st Runner-up: 2
2nd Runner-up: 5                                                           Quality of Life 2nd Runner-up: 5
3rd Runner-up: 5                                                            Quality of Life Finalist Only: 4
4th Runner-up: 6                                                            Total Quality of Life Finalist: 19
Total Top 5 Placements: 22
Top 7 Only: 1
Top Ten Only: 18
Total Top 10 Placements: 41
Top Twelve Only: 1
Top Thirteen Only: 1
Top Fifteen Only: 7
Total Top 15 or higher: 50
Miss Congeniality: 2                                                        Legend:
Non-Finalist Talent Award: 3                                       PTA = Preliminary Talent Award
Non-Finalist Interview Award: 1                                 PSA = Preliminary Swimsuit Award
Preliminary Talent Awards: 17                                    QL = Miss America Quality of Life Award
Preliminary Swimsuit Awards: 11                              CMN = Children's Miracle Network Fundraising

Miss Alabama Title Holders 





Jessica Procter
Hayley Barber

Meg McGuffin
Caitlin Brunell
Chandler Champion
Anna Laura Bryan
Courtney Porter
Ashley Davis
Liz Cochran
Amanda Tapley
Jamie Langley
Melinda Toole
Alexa Jones
Shannon Camper
Deidre Downs
Catherine Crosby
Scarlotte Deupree
Kelly Jones
Jana Sanderson
Julie Smith
Ashley Halfman
Beth Stomps
Alison McCreary
Leigh Sherer
Amie Beth Dickinson
Heather Whitestone
Kalyn Chapman
Kim Wimmer
Wendy Neuendorf
Resha Riggins
Julie Coons
Jenny Jackson
Kym Williams
Angela Callahan
Angela Tower
Tammy Little
Pam Battles
Yolanda Fernandez
Phoebe Stone
Paige Phillips
Kathy Pickett
Theresa Cheatham
Julie Houston
Denise Davis
Susie Vaughn
Pam Long
Jane Rice
Freita Fuller
Ceil Jenkins
Suzanne Dennie
Ann Fowler
Dellynne Catching
Becky Alford
Angi Grooms
Linda Folsom
Vickie Powers
Judy Short
Patricia Bonner
Delores Hodgens
Teresa Rinaldi
Betty Lindstrom
Lee Thornberry
Anna Stange
Ann Stuart Ariail
Patricia Huddleston
Marilyn Tate
Virginia McDavid
Gwen Harmon
Bettye Burson
Jeanne Moody
Yolande Betbeze
Frieda Roser
Marjorie Orr
Martha Ann Ingram
Peggy Elder
Dale Nunnally
Sue Donegan
Frances Dorn
Betty Jane Rase
Toula Hogestratou
Marie Duncan
Virginia McGraw
Evelyn Motlow
Carolyn Foreman (Miss Montgomery)
Florine Holt
Louise Robertson (Miss Montgomery)
Mildred Oxford
Patricia McDaniel (Miss Montgomery)
Josephine Beall
Ingram Starkey (Miss Montgomery)
Gloria Levinge
Tommy Marie Peck
Adelynn Owen
Vivian McDowell (Miss Mobile)
Nellie Kincaid
Mildred Adams
Louise Newman
Elise Sparrow
Lois Wilson

  Miss America Awards

Top 7; QL Award Winner
QL Award Winner: STEM Scholarship Winner; Local, State and National CMNH Miracle Maker Awards
4th Runner-Up; QL 2nd Rup
Top Ten; QL Award Winner
Non-Finalist Talent Award
 Top 12 Semi-finalist; QL Award Winner
 Top 13 Semi-finalist
 QL Finalist
 Top 15; QL 2nd Rup; CMN Top 3
 QL Finalist; CMN 2nd Place
 4th Runner-Up; QL 2nd Rup; Miss Congeniality
 2nd Runner-Up; QL 2nd Rup
  Miss America ; QL Award Winner
 Top 15; QL Award Winner
 1st Runner-Up; QL 1st Rup

 Top Ten
 Top Ten; QL 2nd Rup

 3rd Runner-Up; QL Award Winner
 Top Ten; QL Finalist
 Miss America ; PTA; PSA; QL 1st Rup
 Top Ten
 QL Award Winner

 Non-Finalist Interview Award; QL Finalist

 4th Runner-Up

 Top Ten
 4th Runner-Up; PSA
 Non-finalist Talent Award
 2nd Runner-Up
 3rd Runner-Up

 1st Runner-Up; PTA
 Non-Finalist Talent Award
 1st Runner-Up; PTA; PSA


 Top Ten; PSA

 Top Ten
 Top Ten; PTA
 Top Ten; PTA
 Top Ten; PTA; PSA

 Top Ten
 Top Ten; PTA

 Top Ten; PTA

 2nd Runner-Up; PTA
 Top Ten; PTA
 Top Ten
 3rd Runner-Up
 3rd Runner-Up; PSA
 Top 15; PTA
  Miss America ; PSA

 2nd Runner-Up
 3rd Runner-Up; PSA

 2nd Runner-Up; PTA
 4th Runner-Up; PTA; PSA
 Miss Congeniality
 Top Ten; PSA
 Top 15; PTA

 Top 15

 Top 15

 Top Ten
 4th Runner-Up; PTA
 Top 15

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